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"Never innovate to compete, innovate to change the rules of the game" - David Adeife


Riviera - Your Partner in Innovation


Riviera Innovation is a product and technology consultancy, specializing in the implementation of frameworks for Innovation Management for today's growth companies. Covering North America, Europe and Australia, we assist nascent global leaders to bring strategic new technologies to market successfully.



What is Innovation Management?

As most markets become ever more technology driven, and as the pace of business becomes increasingly rapid, today's companies need to place bets on their new discoveries and emerging technologies with increased speed and skill to ensure survival and success.


Innovation Management is strategic decision-making about how to introduce and apply such future technologies, from identifying the key value of an "innovative technology" and the market disruption it may cause, to how to embed a learning cycle within the organization for future guided discovery.


Managing innovative technologies, which are tomorrow's market leaders, requires a set of strategic management skills that cover technology, product development and marketing.  Riviera Innovation has these skills and can make your innovations a success.



Can we help you to identify and apply your innovations?

If you think your company could benefit from our unique perspective and approach, please contact us at for a confidential discussion.



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